LB’s Top 10 of 2012 – Albums 6-10

Here’s albums six to 10 of Lord Bass’s favorites of 2012.

6. Grimes – Visions

Montreal has a fine run of original electronic music (Akufen, CFCF, The Mole, Tiga), but Grimes may have found the most commercial success with Visions. Simple melodies and drum patters layer with plenty of reverb on her voice, even though she looks and sounds like Luna Lovegood’s punky sister.

While the late-add video for Genesis is extremely creepy, who can resist her singing with a hot dog in Oblivion?

7. Blondes – s/t

It’s 2am, you’re in an underground Brooklyn warehouse, covered in sweat. It’s dark, heat drips down the walls, and you’re about to be stomped by the thickest deep house kick you’ve ever heard. That’s Blondes.

While they may be better at singles than an album, the Blondes self-titled release is one of the best independents of the year.

8. The Invisible – Rispah

“Mellow” isn’t easy to make interesting – look how ‘chillwave’ quickly fizzled after we all heard the stunning Washed Out Life Of Leisure. The Invisible rise above too-deep with soft flowing grooves and excellent distant vocals. Only after a few minutes do you realize your head is nodding, which always makes for the best music.

 9. Sleigh Bells – Reign Of Terror

The album tracks don’t quite hold up to the stunning sledgehammer of “Comeback Kid”, but the concept of angelic female vocals and near-industrial metal guitar more suited to a 90s hardcore show is so fresh. In an post-rock era where the biggest “bands” are a bunch of whiny wimps (Fun., Mumford & Sons, Foster The People), the crushing sound of Sleigh Bells clears the stage of all ironic beards and mandolins.

And how many spoiled young kids from the Boroughs got to take this in as one of their first shows? Jealous, just for the strobes.

10. Beach House – Bloom

Beach House wouldn’t exist without the Cocteau Twins (a theme through this top 10), and would fit in comfortably with early 90s shoegaze. The dark video for “Wild” betrays the best of Beach House – they are the warm breeze on the nicest late June afternoon.