Albums We Love #1: Leftfield – “Leftism”

By the mid-90s, the amount of great electronic music streaming out England was staggering. Fans already had years with The Prodigy, Orb, Orbital, and Future Sound Of London. It was an era where an artist could make a splash with a single album. That’s just what Leftfield did with 1995’s Leftism.

After appearing on the Shallow Grave soundtrack, Leftfield showed all their cards on their first full-length disc. You’re treated to the drums of “Afro-Left”, John Lydon’s shrilly vocal on the banging “Open Up”, and our favorite, Toni Halliday from Curve on “Original”. Floor-filling instrumentals “Black Flute” and “Space Shanty” pile on rave-era cred. Even Jamiroquai used the funky groove “Inspection (Check One)” as outro music on a few of their tours.

Leftfield followed up with a second album in 1999, Rhythm and Stealth, but the underground ‘newness’ was gone, and young pop audiences moved on to Korn, Eminem, and the metal-ized version of Prodigy.

Buy this album for your collection. After 15 years, Leftism still sounds good. Have a listen!

[wpaudio url=” – Afro-Left.mp3″ text=”Leftfield – Afro-Left” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=” – Original.mp3″ text=”Leftfield – Original” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=” – Inspection Check One.mp3″ text=”Leftfield – Inspection (Check One)” dl=”0″]