New Music We Love #1: Anoraak – “Wherever The Sun Sets”

Anoraak - "Wherever The Sun Sets"

It’s 1985. At the beach playing Out Run on the arcade. Figuring out how to ask the cute girl in 6th grade math to go see Back To The Future. You know, the girl who’s dad drives a red Corolla GT-S. You’d be listening to electronic pop like Anoraak.

One of our favorites artists, the Frenchman has finally released his first full length album. It’s filled with summery, melancholy 80s-tinged pop that he and fellow artists from the Valerie Collective have made themselves known for.

It may not top the amazing synth grooves of Grum’s 2008 remix of “Nightdrive With You“, the album is full of the introspective grooves that made us fans. Ride the wave from housey beats to blissed out sunset beach anthems and feel the warm tropical breezes in your hair.

Don’t miss the track of the year – the Michael Cassette remix of Try Me. It’s bathed in dancefloor beats and a sea on infectious synth.

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[wpaudio url=” – Cloud _ Rain _ Love.mp3″ text=”Anoraak – Cloud | Rain | Love” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=” – Long Hot Summer Night.mp3″ text=”Anoraak – Long Hot Summer Night” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=” – Try Me (Michael Cassette remix).mp3″ text=”Anoraak – Try Me (Michael Cassette remix)” dl=”0″]